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Print Documents (Organized alphabetically)

4 channels of math - Sept 2012 (xls)
A chart outlining resources for GED Math which includes Breakthrough to the Math, Aztec, and video.
Developed by Adult Learning Centres: Grey–Bruce- Georgian

Assessment Matrix for OALCF, April 2012 (pdf)
Developed by Literacy Link South Central and QUILL Learning Network

Goal Path Key Questions (xls)
A list of all the key questions found in the  Goal Path Descriptions for Practitioners and Learners.
Developed by QUILL Learning Network

Key development skills table (xls)
A list of all the key development skills for each goal path.
Developed by QUILL Learning Network

Level Indicators and Performance Descriptors table (doc)
A table to ease your work of copying and pasting level indicators and performance descriptors into any of the learner documents.
Developed by Jane Tuer, Project READ

OALCF Competencies comparison to Essential Skills - Project READ (pdf)
A comparison of the OALCF Competencies and the Essential Skills.
Developed by Project READ

OALCF Implementation Tracking Form - CLO (doc)
Developed by Community Literacy of Ontario

OALCF Resources compiled by Learning Networks of Ontario (pdf)
A list of resources that were created to support OALCF.
Developed by the Learning Networks of Ontario

OALCF - Quick list of Anglophone Materials links verified Aug 4, 2011 (pdf)
A list of all the Anglophone materials found in the Anglophone, Deaf and Native resource lists. Materials are cross referenced by competency.
Developed by QUILL Learning Network

Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework Online Resource Fair – List of resources, February 2012 (pdf)
Developed by Community Literacy of Ontario

Use Digital Technology Sample Tasks and Activities (pdf)
Sample tasks to support using digital technology in Literacy and Basic Skills (LBS) programs within the context of the Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework (OALCF).
Developed by AlphaPlus


Online Resources

Aligning Literacy Link Eastern Ontario's Assessment Tools (ALAT) with the Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework (OALCF)
The ALAT resources are the result of aligning Common Assessment of Basic Skills (CABS), CABS Online and Workplace Essential Skills Assessment (WESA) with the OALCF. Along with a User Guide, alignment charts provide the user with the OALCF Competencies and Levels for the assessment activities/tasks. Each chart also has a column suggesting the Goal Path(s) for each activity/task.

Aligning Literacy Link Eastern Ontario's Occupational Curricula (ALOC) with the Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework (OALCF)
The ALOC resources are the results of aligning ten of LLEO's Occupational Curricula with the OALCF. Two charts are provided for each curriculum. One is a detailed chart that indicates the rationale for the decisions (based on the OALCF Performance Descriptors) and includes an Introduction. The second chart indicates the Competencies and Levels for quick reference.

Embedded Skills, Knowledge and Attitudes Reference Guide for Ontario (ESKARGO) is also part of the OALCF Implementation Strategy though it is a standalone document, not included in the binder. The ESKARGO contains lists of skills and knowledge found in tasks that are situated within each particular competency, task group and level, plus an ESKARGO Attitudes Rubric to help learners determine the extent to which attitude plays a role in successful task performance.
This resource is also available in French.

OALCF-related resources, organized by tags (or keywords) in the AlphaPlus Web Index
Links to documents, websites and resources useful in OALCF implementation. Developed by AlphaPlus

OALCF Implementation Strategy Resource
Over twenty online documents, tools and resources have been developed for the literacy field to support OALCF implementation, and programs are working to incorporate the new concepts and strategies.

Use Digital Technology 'How-to' Sheets
Created by Literacy Link Eastern Ontario to help embrace digital technology in order to communicate with family and friends, perform tasks at work and complete further education and training.