Analyzing Farm Records

Analyzing Farm Records

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Activity Description

The learner needs to count and calculate costs based on a farmer’s field notes.

Materials (optional):
  • Paper and pen
  • Calculator
  • Question sheet (attached)
  • Answer sheet (attached)
  • Sunnyside Farm Field Notes

Skill Building Activities:  The learner will need to be able to draw a simple bar graph and understand ratios and percents.

PDF - Practitioner's Version:
Goal Path:
Source / Author:
Practitioner submitted - QUILL Project - Teaching to Build Tasks
Date Added:
Sunday, April 27, 2014
Updated date: Wednesday, June 3, 2015 - 15:06

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I have had a learner try this activity and he enjoyed it and found it a good learning experience for math.  However, we did notice that there is a couple of discrpencies: 1.  The calendar says March 9 is a Sunday.  The chart says March 9 is a Tuesday.  The name of the day should be checked on the task to avoid confusion. 2. The Calendars show 2 months.  If you count the weeks, (March 9 to April 30,  there are only 8 Mondays, when the vet comes out to the farm, but the answer key has 9 quoted.  Not sure how you got 9 weeks.  We think the answer should be closer to $1190.00 for task 5 as a result.  Would love a ruling on this one.

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