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Post date: Monday, August 22, 2016 - 10:27

Hello all,

We are always trying to find ways to increase use of the site and now we have digitized 20 activities.  They are in the competencies of A. Find and Use Information and C. Understand and Use Numbers.  They are Level 1 activities and you will find some for each task group.

Here are links to the tasks and you will find the URLs under the Activity Description.

Have fun using them with your learners.  Let me know what you think of them.


Debera Flynn, QUILL Learning Network

A1.1  Write a Brief Note to a Co-Worker    A1.1  Read Instructions on a Cleaning Product Label    A1.1 Read a Brief Email
A2.1  Read a clothing label to identify washing instructions   A2.1  Find the Expiry Date on a Coupon (Set One)    A2.1  Find the Expiry Date on a Coupon (Set Two)
A2.1  Read a Parking Sign to Identify Restrictions    
C1.1  Compare Store Prices  C1.1  Retail Price of Coat         C1.1  Purchasing Notebooks
C2.1  Use "best before" dates to select fresh foods    C2.1  Calculate Change from a Purchase   C2.1  Calculate Travel Time from Departure to Arrival
C2.1  Hours Offered in a Class    
C3.1  Compare Grams of Sodium in Two Kinds of Soup     C3.1  Check the Temperature on an Outdoor Thermometer  
C4.1  Calculate the Number of Cars     C4.1  Comparing Quantities of Granola Bars   C4.1  Count the Number of Boxes in a Shipment
C4.1  Estimate Packages of Paper to Purchase    



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